After six years of cooking for someone else I recently found myself standing alone in my kitchen.

Surrounded by china, decent knives, and a few appliances I realized that my answer to the perpetual question of “What (the hell) is for dinner?” was a resounding “…”.

I did what any rational 20-something woman in my shoes would do. I made grilled cheese. Frozen pasta. Pizza. Tacos. All fine and decent things to eat, but at some point a girl needs some vegetables.

With a healthy dose of encouragement from my mother, I started trying to re-learn how to cook, but this time for one instead of two. I tried asking Google for healthy recipes for one (which seemed to oddly coincide with banner ads for Xanax). I asked my single friends where they found recipes. The answers were as depressing as my targeted ads: don’t cook, make normal quantities (and never want to see another quinoa salad), Trader Joe’s freezer section.

Convinced there must be a better way, I’ve started this blog as a way to re-imagine eating alone. Sure, there will be times there’s breakfast for dinner, but I want to encourage myself, and others in my situation that we don’t need companions to eat well, even if it’s on the couch.

The goal is to publish recipes that are weeknight-friendly, healthy, affordable, and delicious. Ultimately, menus will be categorized into weekly meal plans with similar perishables utilized throughout the week (because I’m so over languishing cucumbers).

So, pour yourself a glass of wine, and join me on the adventure. If nothing else, we will have a good story to tell on the other side.




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