Hello. It’s me.

Well, nearly a fully year after my last post I am back. And better than ever.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration.

I’m just back. Let’s not get too out of control here.

A lot has changed in the past year. And, as life goes, some things have stayed the same. I’m still cooking (but in a bigger kitchen). Trying new things (involving flour, mainly). Dancing in between recipe steps (more Bieber than Bon Iver). Still single (although that status has fluctuated a bit).

Things are good.

And yet, in this season of resolving to do more, be more (insert your own qualifier here), this abandoned blog has become a quiet, nagging voice in the back of my brain. So here I am. I don’t know what this iteration of Single Girl Eats will look like.

I know that I’m baking way more than I have previously, and I’m finding a lot of joy in the process of taking flour, yeast, and water from those disparate components into something warm, crusty, and sharable. As such, you can probably expect a bit of writing about bread (and cake…and cookies…and pie). This ties into my goal of becoming a better baker in 2016 and improving my sourdough acumen. [I would write “mastering the art of sourdough”, but I’ve spent enough time babying a starter to know that I am the one at mercy to the allure and temperament of the other.]

I’ve been reading more, too. About relationships. About cooking. I’m probably share some links and commentary.

Beyond that…well, your guess is as good as mine. Who knows, I might get busy, lose interest and scrap this whole project again. Stay tuned…



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