If it’s the time of year for resolutions it means that it is also the time of the year for detoxes. Yup. I just went there.

I am writing this post in part because I recently did a juice cleanse and I want to share my thoughts in case you are thinking of doing the same [Executive summary: I was happy to be eating real food at the end]. The other reason for this post is that my best friend forwarded me the goop newsletter which included recipes for detox. And now I can justify reading said email as blog research. Win-win.

First things first. The juice cleanse.

Day One: I was cold/hot/hungry. I missed coffee greatly.

Day Two: I was cold/achy/crabby. I drank tea. Tea is not the same as coffee.

Day Three: I was cold/positive/kinda over it. So ready for some coffee.

Ultimately, it was helpful in that it made me very conscious of what I am eating, when, and why. I’m less drawn to dairy, sugar, and carbs than I was before and more likely to choose a fruit cup over a pastry at my local coffee shop. I am happy with these changes in my approach towards food and I hope to maintain them going forward.

There are arguments against cleanses and detoxes, but as I think about them I find myself deciding that they can be a useful tool to kick off a broader healthy lifestyle, despite being unsustainable over the long term. That said, I’m enjoying all the healthy recipes going around the Internet right now and hope to modify some in the future to keep the positive eating going strong.

What about you? Have you tried a cleanse? Would you?


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