Be it resolved that…

New Years ResolutionsIn case you somehow missed the memo it is the time of year when we commit to change–to be better, to take up some new habits, and to break others. As I’ve been thinking about what I want out of 2015 I’ve come up with a few cooking related resolutions:

  1. Try new things. I just completed my first juice cleanse (I promise…a blog about this is coming soon!), and I realized through the process that for being an adventurous eater and cook, there are lots of techniques or recipes that I have wanted to try, but have avoided out of fear. In 2015 I want to banish that trepidation and embrace those things which I have put off. For example, I’ve been saying for years I want to cook a whole fish. I’m going to make that a reality this year. First up? Learning how to seed pomegranates.
  2. Make. Don’t buy. I’ve just started breaking myself of a lot of bad eating habits (ice cream in the back of my freezer, I’m looking at you), and as a result I am recommitted to maintaining a clean diet. Rather than just seek out less processed foods, I want to make things which I might otherwise purchase. Today I purchased a can of chickpeas and made my own hummus, which turned out delicious and was much less expensive than the end product I would have otherwise purchased. I want more of this in my life.
  3. Learn what I’ve been doing wrong.  I just learned how to set my crisper drawers to the proper humidity. I know…this is basic, and frankly something I should have learned years ago.If resolution number one is about exploration and adventure, this resolution is about going back to the beginning. There are lots of skills, tips, and shortcuts that can make your dinner prep easier and the results better. Each week this year I will be sharing what I’ve learned in the hopes that you can reap the benefits as well. And in case you are wondering how to set your crisper…here’s a link.
  4. Confront failures. Adjust. Try again. Conquer. [Repeat as needed]. It’s disheartening to fail and hard to admit failure. So, while I am ashamed to admit this here goes. I am really bad at making rice. I just can’t seem to get it right. Rather than do the same (failing) thing repeatedly, in 2015 I am going to finally make a decent pot of rice (no rice cooker allowed!). My rice failure is clearly cook error. But failure is not always the result of a lack of aptitude. For example, my darling mother, who usually makes a killer yeasted dough, has fought a battle with bad yeast packets over the past few weeks. Rather than give up after 3 [3!] failed rising attempts, she finally diagnosed the problem and made some pretzel rolls that I am told were perfection. Failure doesn’t have to be fatal. But it does have to be overcome. This year, I’m conquering failures.

The best part is that you, dear reader, will get to join me on this great adventure. I hope you are ready, because it is going to be a great, delicious, (eventful?!) year!

What are your food-related New Year’s resolutions?  Share in the comments!


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