My Kitchen is for Dancing

A few months back, a couple I know invited me over for dinner. I sat at their kitchen bar while they floated around one another, passing bowls, stirring rice, and making sauce. They were both at ease with their space and their skills. Each had a role and knew the steps necessary to make preparations an elegant dance rather than a great catastrophe. I left that evening with a sensation that the loss of a kitchen partner was more acute than I had previously realized.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The official kick-off to the holiday season.

This year, it will be my mother and I who will balance each other out in the kitchen. We’ve done enough holidays to anticipate each others’ moves. It’s not the same. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Our preferences aren’t always matched (she measures, I…don’t…), but we know each well enough to know when it’s time to pick up a spoon and stir because the onions are about to burn. And that’s what really counts.

In cooking, as in life, the joy and challenge comes when it is done in the company of and in service for others. This holiday season I hope that your kitchen is filled with all the joy, sweets, and love that it can hold.

From my single kitchen to yours,



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