Breaking hearts (read: glass) and (not) taking names

I love strong women. I want to be one. I want to lean in like Sheryl Sandberg, extend grace like a woman I’m close to, and break glass ceilings like Hilz Hillary Clinton. And I like to think I’m making progress on a few of those, but in the meantime, instead of breaking ceilings I’m breaking glassware. Glass baking dishes to be precise. In my oven. While my oven is set to 450.

Let’s back up.

Sunday dinners, as I’ve written about before, are a favorite weekend institution of mine, right alongside staying up way too late and coffee shops on Saturday mornings. This past Sunday, as the temperatures in DC threatened to drop even further, I decided I’d make soup and bread. I woke up early, made the dough, let it rise, and stuck it in the fridge to proof while I went to brunch with a friend. (Note for DC folks: Le Grenier on H Street is a legit brunch spot. The bartender is a bit grumpy but the Croque Monsier more than makes up for that). At this point, all is well.

I prep the dough, preheat the oven, and set about making soup. All continues to be well.

Where I ran into a slight, um, issue, was when it was time to actually bake the bread. Creating steam in your oven when you first put loaves in to bake is one way to get a really nice crisp crust and chewy inside. In the past I have preheated a glass baking dish and filled it with very hot water right before putting the loaves in the oven. Admittedly, using glass for this task was ill-advised to begin with, but it had worked before with no issues. However, all it took on Sunday was a little too much right-brain action (I’ve been accused of this before. I know, shocking.) and I failed to get the water hot enough, which caused the glass dish to shatter.


I have since cleaned up the mess and my oven is back in commission, but let this be a lesson:  Be ye not as foolish as me. And if you are, pick up the pieces, right your mistakes, and move on. There are lots more loaves beckoning to be baked.


One thought on “Breaking hearts (read: glass) and (not) taking names

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