Breakfast in bed for one

With the weekend thankfully in full view, I am already dreaming about spending tomorrow morning wrapped in blankets, sipping coffee, and snuggling with my kitty. I love mornings. The way the light streams into my apartment, the creaking of my floorboards (and joints) as the day peacefully begins.

And what’s a weekend morning without breakfast?


For the most refined of lazy breakfasts, I like to turn to soft-boiled eggs. I can still remember the first one I had in a hazy Viennese cafe, accompanied by the most delightful rolls and, of course, strong espresso.

These eggs are different because you have to trust your timing. There’s no way to know how done they are until you crack into them. The expectation (and maybe trepidation) for the unknown provide a perfect morning metaphor.

Slice some fruit while the water boils, stretch, and get ready to get cozy.

This breakfast in bed is just for you.

H/T to Geek Mom, who taught me everything I needed to know about soft-boiled perfection.

1 large egg (the higher quality, the better tasting, obvi)
Bread of your choice (I’m all about Trader Joe’s half baked dinner rolls)

Remove egg from fridge. Fill a small pot with enough water to cover egg by about one inch. Cover and bring to a boil. While waiting for the water, prep your bread (slice it, heat it up, toast it, whatevs).

Once the water is a rolling boil, gently place your egg in the pot. Immediately cover and set your timer for 6 minutes. Keep an eye on the time, because when the buzzer goes off, you will immediately remove the pot from heat.

Rather than draining the water out of the pot, do a combined drain&fill by simultaneously draining the cooking water and filling the pot with COLD tap water. This will stop your egg from cooking any further. This usually takes about 15 seconds, and when you can touch the egg without burning your fingers you are good to go.

Serve with your accompaniments of choice and settle back into the morning. The dishes can wait.

Soundtrack: Acoustic versions of pop songs


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